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Residential and commercial construction projects need careful planning. Only contractors and individuals with extensive experience and impeccable testimonials should be considered for the job since even the slightest miscalculation in this line of work can prove to be hefty in more ways than one. The same goes for demolition contractors. Demolition work can come with many challenges, be it on a small scale or a large one. If you’re looking to hire a demolition contractor in Seattle, it’s important to consider a few things before zeroing in on a company. Here is an all-inclusive guide to choosing the right demolition contractor. 

Aces Four Enterprises LLC in Seattle provides demolition service, among many others, including drainage and sewer work and underground piping. Contact us now if you’re looking to hire a demolition contractor in Seattle. 

6 Tips For Choosing The Right Demolition Contractor  

Before choosing a demolition contractor for your next project, go through these 6 tips to make the right choice. 

Make A Plan 

Every project starts with a plan. Before you fire up Google and search for demolition contractors, it’s important to develop a clear-cut plan and figure out your end goal. The plan may include the extent of the work required, the tentative time frame, the budget for the work, project goals, and more. 

Making a plan would allow you to convey your expectations to the contractor more concisely, leaving no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation. The more transparent you are with the contractor, the easier it would make for you to choose the right individual or firm. 

Compare Quotes

Once you’ve spoken to a contractor and briefed them on the outline of the project, they might give you a free quote. This is a good way to compare different contractors. You can compare the quotes and see the pricing of which company fits your budget. Remember that these are just estimates, and the actual price could easily be more or less than what you’re told. Nevertheless, make sure to get the estimate for the project in writing from the companies. 

You might save yourself a lot of time this way since you won’t constantly have to ask for reassurances from the contractors. If you’re looking to have some demolition work done at affordable prices in Seattle, connect with Aces Four Enterprises LLC now. 

Ask For A Tentative Timeline

Demolition work is not a day’s job, and the speed of work is different for each contractor, depending upon the availability of resources, and manual labor, among other things. Before you hire a contractor, ask them to provide you with a tentative timeline for the project. Don’t just ask for the start and end date of the project, but the key milestones in between as well, so you can easily track the progress of the work and see if things are going as per schedule or not. This would also allow you to plan other things or off-shoot projects accordingly. 

You can judge a contractor based on this consideration by speaking to the contractor’s past clients. Go through the schedule that the past clients were provided with by the contractor, and see if they lived up to it or not. If the contractor you’re speaking to is unwilling to give you a timeline or seems to be very vague about it, drop them and consider another. 

Check Their Experience

Experience is paramount in this line of work. A demolition contracting company could have a glittering office, approachable staff, and smooth-talking associates, but they are no good if they have little to no experience in big projects. If they don’t have much experience, you won’t have a yardstick to compare them with other contractors based on quotes and timelines. 

You can compare different contractors based on their experience by going through their testimonials, portfolios of different projects completed, and their records in terms of safety. Carefully go through what their past clients liked about their services and what they didn’t. See which disadvantages you are fine adjusting to, and choose a contractor based on that. You can also call up past clients and get a detailed account of their services. Ask them to rate the company regarding their professionalism and safety standards. 

Safety Standards

Another thing to look out for while choosing a demolition contractor is the safety standards they follow during the demolition work, both on and off the site. Did any of the workers ever suffer an injury during a project? Because in these cases, the clients are likely to get held equally responsible for any injuries as the owner of the site. Ask for what safety measures they put in place to protect the workers and properties from injuries and damages. 

Consider The Legal Aspects As Well

 Cover all the legal fronts before hiring a demolition contractor. Ask for a copy of their license to operate, insurance coverage, and proof of compliance. While going through their insurance, see how extensive it is and whether it offers protection to both the business and yourself. 

If you’re looking to hire a demolition contractor with an excellent history regarding safety and legal aspects, call Aces Four Enterprises LLC today. We have been in business for over 40 years and have received positive feedback for our services over the years. 

Aces Four Enterprises LLC

Aces Four Enterprises LLC, is a demolition contractor in Seattle that has a staff that has worked on numerous projects over 4 decades. Apart from demolition work, we also provide drain and sewer services and underground piping services in the city. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and the testimonies from our past clients would stand witness to this. We hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard, so we’d stay in touch with you even after the project has been finished for any follow-up jobs needed. Contact us now if you want any demolition work done in Seattle. Schedule a visit today to get a free estimate on the project.

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It was a pleasure to do business with you. Over the phone, Tracy was very nice, honest, helpful, and efficient. Your crew who came to fix the problem was a godsend because I had a tenant moving in that day. If I even need anything further done, I will definitely use your company. I was very impressed.

– Carla Seattle, WA

Thank you for coming out and sending us the estimates promptly. I appreciate your professionalism in every interaction we had - when I made the initial inquiry phone call, the person who received my call treated me very nicely and she also notified me immediately when a scheduling phone call needed to be postponed. On the day of estimate you notified me the exact timing of your arrival. All these things that seem to be small matter but I appreciate how you treat your customers.

Side-sewer hookup and septic decommissioning; the crew was focused on doing the job right. Their initial timeline was optimistic and project took 3 times longer than originally planned due to some issues that couldn't of been foreseen; regardless they knew what they needed to do and got the project done. Their estimate and final bill (which were on par with each other) were for the Project as a whole, minus permits and hookup fees, so there wasn't an additional charge for the extra time needed to complete the project. Aces Four is top on my list to hire again for a future project.

I highly recommend Aces Four, they are the most ethical and honest plumbing company I have found. Very good communication and they are real plumbers that know how to get the job done right. I had a bad experience with another plumbing company that charged me $1,900 to remove roots from my main sewer line, luckily I found Aces Four and I am so happy I did. Aces Four told me they could remove the roots for a 1 or 2 hour maximum charge which was about 80% cheaper than the first terrible company that tried to scam me. It's so hard to find an honest plumbing company, I'm so happy I found Aces Four, I will continue to work with Aces Four in the future and refer them to everyone I know.

– Just Rhea

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ACES 4 - Our plumbing flooded yesterday afternoon - lower floor flooding the entire laundry room and out into our garage - garage was full of packed moving boxes as we are moving in just over a week - I called Aces 4 immediately - Tracy Middlebrook let us know what to do in the interim and had Jessie out here before 10 this morning - all better - we got everything cleaned up and back to packing for our move - I can't recommend Aces 4 enough.

Hi Tracy, Please thank the Aces Four team for great job on our sewer line.


What a great crew, from the moment we got the quote to the time the last of our rockery was put back into place after a repair was made and a side sewer cleanout installed. It's a family owned business, too! Special thanks to Mike (camera), Jerry (liner) and Yung (ran the project and the cat). We couldn't be more pleased.

I have been practicing Real Estate for close to 30 years. I have a very short list of vendors that I refer my homeowners to: Aces Four is at the top of the list because you can TRUST them. If you are experiencing any sewer or drainage issues, call Aces Four. They are very knowledgeable, fast, and very nice.

– Linda, Seattle Realtor

Your employees doing the sewer repair have been great. They are courteous, as clean as possible, and keep me informed of what is happening. This is a project that we didn't ask for, but the quality of the Aces Four people working on our sewer repair has made it so much better for us. You have an excellent crew!

– Deborah in Greenlake, Seattle, WA

Aces Four did a great job here. We are really happy with their work. They worked with us to be sure everything was being done as we hoped. They also took great care in the rebuilding of the rock wall and the cleanup effort. We appreciate their workmanship.

– Dave in Seattle, WA

Aces Four is, without a doubt, the best full service sewer company I have found. [You have] the most helpful field technicians and a more courteous estimator than I could ever ask for. Your professionalism, price, and helpful nature make you great to work with. Thanks for the great honest service.

– Douglas Seattle, WA
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