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Side Sewer - Seattle

Aces Four Construction is licensed in the city of Seattle for sewer line repair and replacement work. We are very familiar with the area and have been doing business there for many, many years. We are a trusted partner in the City of Seattle and are in good standing. We offer top notch service, free estimates, senior discounts and military discounts. For your convenience, we've listed some of the more important information for working on sewer lines in Seattle.

Side sewer piping is considered to be the portion of the sewer line from the main pipe running under street up to the connection to the plumbing in the house or building. It usually ends about 2 feet from the house foundation.

The lateral sewer and the house sewer are the two components that make up the side sewer. The lateral sewer is defined as the segment that is in the public domain and the house sewer as the portion on the property. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining both portions of the side sewer.

Seattle requires that a contractor be registered with the city to do side sewer work only if the work is being done on the portion of the sewer that is in the public domain (the lateral sewer portion). However, a side sewer permit is required for any work done to repair or replace either the house sewer or lateral sewer portions of the side sewer. Seattle will have a site inspector inspect the completed job to assure work was done to code. This also protects the homeowner from poorly done work. Permits are obtained from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD). If emergency work is required, the permit can be obtained the subsequent business day. Otherwise the permit must be obtained before work begins. Applications for permitting require a completed application form and a site plan for the work. If the side sewer line requires it to run through parcel other than that on which the building sits, a side sewer easement agreement is required.

Seattle side sewer pipe is required to be a minimum 4 inch diameter and must be made of PVC. If the pipe is being replaced it must be bedded in 5/8" crushed rock half-way up the pipe.

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