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Trenchless sewer technology is a huge blessing of the 21st century. It has revolutionized the drainage system by replacing the traditional sewer system, which consists of a lot of pipes, and labor requirements (the trench-digging part). Trenchless sewer installation also has several other benefits, making its installation a popular choice among homeowners in Seattle. 

If you’ve decided to go for trenchless installation, call Aces Four Enterprises LLC in Seattle now. We provide a full range of sewer and drainage services, including replacing traditional sewer systems with trenchless sewers. Contact us now to schedule a home visit. We’d give you a free estimate on the service once we are done inspecting your house. 

What Is A Trenchless Installation?

Before you hire Aces Four for a trenchless installation job, it’s ideal to fully understand what it is and how it can benefit you. Trenchless installation replaces conventional sewer pipes without damaging the system or demanding additional labor. This can be achieved in two ways: pipelining and a pipe bursting. 

Advantages of Trenchless Installation

Here are some advantages of Trenchless installation. 

Decreased Damage to the Property 

The primary benefit of trenchless installation is that you don’t have to dig a trench to install the lines since the crew requires demolishing or damaging the landscaping or the entire building. With a trenchless system, damage control could be done by laying down tarps to contain the dirt and avoid a mess that the replacement could involve. 

Lower Costs 

Trenchless installation could prove to be a more economical option for installing the conventional sewer system, mainly because you won’t have to pay for the additional labor that the latter means could demand. Additionally, this method would also save you added effort and time that could go into restoring your house once the digging is done, as is the case with the conventional method.

Quick Job

Digging a trench is a long and tedious process. Generally, it would take a team about one or more weeks to get the job done. Meanwhile, in the case of trenchless installation, the team would only have to dig just two access holes and install a pipe through them. This task could be completed well within a day, so it’s easy to guess which one is less time-consuming and requires less effort. If you live in Seattle, Aces Four Enterprises LLC can provide you with seamless trenchless installation in the city. Call us now to schedule a home visit. 

Little Disruption

Digging a trench makes it crucial to seal off some places or the streets for the work to begin. Considering that the work could take weeks to finish, the project could disrupt the daily lives of the people during the entirety of the project. 

Moreover, when the work is being done, you won’t be able to use the sewer services either, causing another inconvenience to your daily life. You won’t be able to use water in your home like you normally would. The sheer disruption alone that conventional sewer system installation causes make the trenchless technology an enticing option, the installation of which can be done within a day or two. Plus, you won’t have to live without water either. 


New sewer lines are more durable than the old ones. Once installed, you could enjoy its service for 50 years without needing it repaired or replaced. 

Disadvantages of Trenchless Installation

While trenchless installation has many advantages to offer, like all good things in the world, it also has some disadvantages that you need to know of before you install it. 

Requires Qualified Technicians

Only trained and qualified technicians can do a trenchless installation job. An experienced team will first inspect the region to gauge whether the trenchless technology installation is suitable for the building or not. Then they would map a blueprint for the project, then get down to executing the plan. All these steps require certification and extensive experience in the field. 

Therefore, choose this technology only if you have trained technicians near your home. If you live in Seattle, you’re in luck. Aces Four provides trenchless installation services in the city. We pride ourselves on the swiftness of our work. Call us now. 

Not Suitable for All Kinds of Projects 

Another disadvantage of this technology is that it is not appropriate for all kinds of circumstances and projects. Usually, when there has been some extensive damage done due to a burst or collapsed pipe, the area could become inhospitable for the trenchless technology. To reap the benefits of this technology in such a case, you’d have to have a new sewer line installed. Aces Fourcan help you with this trenchless technology installation in Seattle. Call us today. 

Call Aces Four Enterprises LLC

Aces Four Enterprises LLC is the one-stop solution to all your sewer needs. You can trust us from repair and replacement to installation for all these services and more. We are one of the only few Seattle sewer repair experts that provide trenchless technology repair and replacement services in the city. Our trained and certified technicians have performed several jobs of trenchless installation ever since its inception. If there’s any sewer repair company you can trust for trenchless technology installation, it’s us. We also provide other plumbing-related services, including water leak repair, water lines, fire protection, and services related to drainage, downspouts, and footing drains. Aces Four Enterprises LLC, staff has over 40 years of experience and has completed numerous commercial and residential jobs. If you require underground utility or piping services in Seattle, we are the people to contact. Once you’ve scheduled a visit with us, we will drop by your place to inspect your house and gauge the extent of work that needs to be done. Based on our findings, we will provide you with a free estimate. Contact us now to get started.

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It was a pleasure to do business with you. Over the phone, Tracy was very nice, honest, helpful, and efficient. Your crew who came to fix the problem was a godsend because I had a tenant moving in that day. If I even need anything further done, I will definitely use your company. I was very impressed.

– Carla Seattle, WA

Thank you for coming out and sending us the estimates promptly. I appreciate your professionalism in every interaction we had - when I made the initial inquiry phone call, the person who received my call treated me very nicely and she also notified me immediately when a scheduling phone call needed to be postponed. On the day of estimate you notified me the exact timing of your arrival. All these things that seem to be small matter but I appreciate how you treat your customers.

Side-sewer hookup and septic decommissioning; the crew was focused on doing the job right. Their initial timeline was optimistic and project took 3 times longer than originally planned due to some issues that couldn't of been foreseen; regardless they knew what they needed to do and got the project done. Their estimate and final bill (which were on par with each other) were for the Project as a whole, minus permits and hookup fees, so there wasn't an additional charge for the extra time needed to complete the project. Aces Four is top on my list to hire again for a future project.

I highly recommend Aces Four, they are the most ethical and honest plumbing company I have found. Very good communication and they are real plumbers that know how to get the job done right. I had a bad experience with another plumbing company that charged me $1,900 to remove roots from my main sewer line, luckily I found Aces Four and I am so happy I did. Aces Four told me they could remove the roots for a 1 or 2 hour maximum charge which was about 80% cheaper than the first terrible company that tried to scam me. It's so hard to find an honest plumbing company, I'm so happy I found Aces Four, I will continue to work with Aces Four in the future and refer them to everyone I know.

– Just Rhea

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ACES 4 - Our plumbing flooded yesterday afternoon - lower floor flooding the entire laundry room and out into our garage - garage was full of packed moving boxes as we are moving in just over a week - I called Aces 4 immediately - Tracy Middlebrook let us know what to do in the interim and had Jessie out here before 10 this morning - all better - we got everything cleaned up and back to packing for our move - I can't recommend Aces 4 enough.

Hi Tracy, Please thank the Aces Four team for great job on our sewer line.


What a great crew, from the moment we got the quote to the time the last of our rockery was put back into place after a repair was made and a side sewer cleanout installed. It's a family owned business, too! Special thanks to Mike (camera), Jerry (liner) and Yung (ran the project and the cat). We couldn't be more pleased.

I have been practicing Real Estate for close to 30 years. I have a very short list of vendors that I refer my homeowners to: Aces Four is at the top of the list because you can TRUST them. If you are experiencing any sewer or drainage issues, call Aces Four. They are very knowledgeable, fast, and very nice.

– Linda, Seattle Realtor

Your employees doing the sewer repair have been great. They are courteous, as clean as possible, and keep me informed of what is happening. This is a project that we didn't ask for, but the quality of the Aces Four people working on our sewer repair has made it so much better for us. You have an excellent crew!

– Deborah in Greenlake, Seattle, WA

Aces Four did a great job here. We are really happy with their work. They worked with us to be sure everything was being done as we hoped. They also took great care in the rebuilding of the rock wall and the cleanup effort. We appreciate their workmanship.

– Dave in Seattle, WA

Aces Four is, without a doubt, the best full service sewer company I have found. [You have] the most helpful field technicians and a more courteous estimator than I could ever ask for. Your professionalism, price, and helpful nature make you great to work with. Thanks for the great honest service.

– Douglas Seattle, WA
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