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Leaks from plumbing fittings can be a major headache. Not only does it lead to water wastage, but leaks from the tub, shower, pipe sink, or home appliances can cause damage to furnishings, walls, roofs, and the overall structure of a house. 

Dealing with water line leaks should be a priority to prevent any water damage. However, never attempt to fix leaks on your own, especially if you have no prior experience in this sort of work. If you live in Seattle, you can contact Aces Four Enterprises LLC for emergency services. 

How To Detect Water Line Leaks 

While some water line leaks are pretty easy to detect, you’d have to work for some of them. At times, it would be a long while before you suspect that things might be wrong. By that time, a certain degree of damage would have been done, but you can still do some damage control if you call for water line leak repair services almost immediately after detection. Here are a few ways to detect water line leaks in your home. 

If you identify the clear-cut signs of leakage, call Aces Four Enterprises LLC in Seattle immediately. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better it will be. 

Water Bills

Water bills should be your go-to source to know if there is a leak in your home. If your bills have suddenly shot up in the last month or two, there’s likely major water wastage occurring in your home. Usually, the culprit of huge water wastage is always water line leaks. To put things in perspective, an average family is likely to use about 12K gallons of water every month, as per the Environmental Protection Agency. 

If you have a garden that you tend to, the user could be higher. If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in the total usage, you might want to call Aces Four and have a qualified technician look into the issue. 

 Water Meter

A water meter is another definitive way of knowing whether there is a water line leak in your home or not. You can use the water meter to detect a leak by turning off all the water outlets in your houses, such as washing machines, dishwashers, faucets, and showers, for a specific period of time, let’s say for an hour or two. 

Check the water meter once the hour has expired and see if there’s a spike in the water usage. If yes, voila, there’s your answer to whether there’s a leak in your home or not. While this is enough of a confirmation, it’s still a good idea to have a professional inspect your home’s water lines and see if there are any leaks. 

Check The Plumbing Fixtures And Other Appliances

You can also detect water line leaks the old-school way by seeing if there are any water puddles pooled around your home’s plumbing fixtures or other appliances. Check all the usual spots, such as the bottom of the shower, the faucets, the sink, and the tub for water puddles. 

There could be leaks in the water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher. If there are any leaks, turn off the appliances and call for a plumber. If you’re looking for plumbing services in Seattle, call Aces Four today. We would confirm the water line leaks and move to fix the issue. 

Look For Other Warning Signs

If you have reasons to believe that there’s a water line leak in your house, you can look for some cues that could confirm your suspicions. Water line leaks can leave some damage in their wake. Here are some clear warning signs that you need to call a plumber. 

Wall Discoloration

Did you notice any discoloration on your wall recently? Perhaps your white walls have turned yellow to brown in certain areas or have developed yellow patches? This generally occurs in rooms directly adjacent to bathrooms or kitchens. There could be some leaks if there are discolored patches on your walls, hence the stains. 

 Bubbled Patches On Walls

Another clear-cut sign of a water line leak is bubbled patches developing on your wall, paint, or wallpapers. This could be a sign of full-fledged water damage, so you should never ignore such a sign. Call Aces Four Enterprises LLC immediately if your wall or wallpaper has suddenly started bulging. 

Dripping Sounds

Water line leaks can be loud at times. If you hear dripping sounds anywhere around the house, inspect that area and find the source of the sound. If you’re unable to find the source, but the sound of the leak is evident, call a plumber. A professional would be able to reach places that you wouldn’t be able to. 

Musty Odor

Water line leaks can leave a musty odor in their wake, usually if you live in a humid region. The odor is emitted due to the growth of mold, which is a consequence of persistent water line leaks. Therefore, if you notice any black blots outside any of the walls in your home, or if you get a whiff of a musty smell, contact Aces Four in Seattle and have the issue looked into. 

Why Choose Aces Four Enterprises LLC  

Aces Four provides a full range of underground utility and plumbing services, including water line leak repairs in Seattle. Our specialization is drainage and sewer treatment, but you can also call us for trenchless repair, water lines treatment, as well as fire protection in the region. We pride ourselves in our quick and efficient, as well as affordable and quality services. Once we’ve inspected the issue, we will provide you with a free estimate. 

Be it downspouts, soggy yards, or footing drains, you can count on us for all kinds of underground piping problems. Our 4 decades of experience have made us one of the best plumbing service providers in Seattle, and the positive reviews of our services stand witness to the quality that we provide to our clients. Contact us now if you’re facing a plumbing issue, such as water line leaks or water damage.

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It was a pleasure to do business with you. Over the phone, Tracy was very nice, honest, helpful, and efficient. Your crew who came to fix the problem was a godsend because I had a tenant moving in that day. If I even need anything further done, I will definitely use your company. I was very impressed.

– Carla Seattle, WA

Thank you for coming out and sending us the estimates promptly. I appreciate your professionalism in every interaction we had - when I made the initial inquiry phone call, the person who received my call treated me very nicely and she also notified me immediately when a scheduling phone call needed to be postponed. On the day of estimate you notified me the exact timing of your arrival. All these things that seem to be small matter but I appreciate how you treat your customers.

Side-sewer hookup and septic decommissioning; the crew was focused on doing the job right. Their initial timeline was optimistic and project took 3 times longer than originally planned due to some issues that couldn't of been foreseen; regardless they knew what they needed to do and got the project done. Their estimate and final bill (which were on par with each other) were for the Project as a whole, minus permits and hookup fees, so there wasn't an additional charge for the extra time needed to complete the project. Aces Four is top on my list to hire again for a future project.

I highly recommend Aces Four, they are the most ethical and honest plumbing company I have found. Very good communication and they are real plumbers that know how to get the job done right. I had a bad experience with another plumbing company that charged me $1,900 to remove roots from my main sewer line, luckily I found Aces Four and I am so happy I did. Aces Four told me they could remove the roots for a 1 or 2 hour maximum charge which was about 80% cheaper than the first terrible company that tried to scam me. It's so hard to find an honest plumbing company, I'm so happy I found Aces Four, I will continue to work with Aces Four in the future and refer them to everyone I know.

– Just Rhea

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ACES 4 - Our plumbing flooded yesterday afternoon - lower floor flooding the entire laundry room and out into our garage - garage was full of packed moving boxes as we are moving in just over a week - I called Aces 4 immediately - Tracy Middlebrook let us know what to do in the interim and had Jessie out here before 10 this morning - all better - we got everything cleaned up and back to packing for our move - I can't recommend Aces 4 enough.

Hi Tracy, Please thank the Aces Four team for great job on our sewer line.


What a great crew, from the moment we got the quote to the time the last of our rockery was put back into place after a repair was made and a side sewer cleanout installed. It's a family owned business, too! Special thanks to Mike (camera), Jerry (liner) and Yung (ran the project and the cat). We couldn't be more pleased.

I have been practicing Real Estate for close to 30 years. I have a very short list of vendors that I refer my homeowners to: Aces Four is at the top of the list because you can TRUST them. If you are experiencing any sewer or drainage issues, call Aces Four. They are very knowledgeable, fast, and very nice.

– Linda, Seattle Realtor

Your employees doing the sewer repair have been great. They are courteous, as clean as possible, and keep me informed of what is happening. This is a project that we didn't ask for, but the quality of the Aces Four people working on our sewer repair has made it so much better for us. You have an excellent crew!

– Deborah in Greenlake, Seattle, WA

Aces Four did a great job here. We are really happy with their work. They worked with us to be sure everything was being done as we hoped. They also took great care in the rebuilding of the rock wall and the cleanup effort. We appreciate their workmanship.

– Dave in Seattle, WA

Aces Four is, without a doubt, the best full service sewer company I have found. [You have] the most helpful field technicians and a more courteous estimator than I could ever ask for. Your professionalism, price, and helpful nature make you great to work with. Thanks for the great honest service.

– Douglas Seattle, WA
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