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Comprehensive Drainage Solutions: Installation and Repair

Shield your landscape and bolster your foundation with our comprehensive drainage solutions. From repair to installation, count on us for durable, efficient water management that keeps your property dry and damage-free!

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180+ Projects

180+ Projects

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Our Water Drainage Company Services in Seattle, WA

Water Drainage Installation & Repair Options

We offer a variety of Water Drainage services to resolve any problems in your home.

Stormwater Drainage Repair

Whether you need to repair your foundation because of water damage—or if a buildup of water in your driveway has caused serious issues—we will install and repair new systems that protect homes.

Trench Drain Installation

This system diverts excess water via a concrete trench drain system, safeguarding your property from water damage and ensuring a dry landscape.

Foundation Waterproofing

Ensure proper foundation waterproofing installation for long-lasting protection. Prevent water ingress and manage hydrostatic pressure with combined methods to fully protect the foundation.

Footing Drainage System

A water management solution that directs water away from your building's foundation, preventing structural damage.
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Footing Drain Damage Repair Contractor

Keep an Eye Out for Footing Drain Damage in Your Home

Footing drains, standard in-house construction, help redirect water from a home's foundation. Comprising robust pipes, they're often shielded by filter fabric to block soil particles from entering. Despite their effectiveness, they're known to clog due to muddy water and particles, restricting or halting drainage. This obstruction makes water seep through the soil and into the basement.

Drain repair is strenuous and short-lived, requiring excavation around the foundation, removal of nearby plants, and potentially dismantling nearby structures. Post-repair, the relaxed soil promotes water absorption, triggering a cycle of clogs and seepage. Therefore, always look out for signs of footing drain issues, ensuring your space is dry and secure.

Footing Drain Damage Repair Contractor
Our streamlined drainage process takes the stress out of your project with these four simple steps

Transform Your Project with Our 4-Step Process


Schedule Your Free Estimate

We strive to understand your needs for drainage projects. Our experts will inspect your property and discuss the details of the job to provide you with an accurate estimate.


Precise Estimate

We provide a detailed and customized estimate based on our assessment and product recommendations if necessary. Once approved, we proceed to schedule the work.


Commence the Project

We ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained before we get to work. Our dedicated project manager streamlines the entire process, keeping you informed at all times.


Quality Control Review

After the project's completion, we conduct a rigorous review process to ensure satisfaction. We address any necessary adjustments or changes, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Utilizing the KlassikDrain System for Exceptional Water Control and Landscape Aesthetics

Harnessing the Power of Efficient Yard Drainage

Controlling the flow of water in your yard is critical to prevent flooding, standing water, and water damage. At ACES FOUR, we value the efficiency of the KlassikDrain system for this purpose. Considered a versatile solution, KlassikDrain offers self-cleaning features, customizable flow rates, and slip-resistant grates for safety, particularly in high-traffic areas. They can filter out debris, contaminants, and pollutants with additional features like oil separators and sediment traps, ensuring a cleaner environment. With notable durability, these drains can withstand heavy loads, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures.

Our location's unique soil conditions, a result of past glacial action, inhibit surface water absorption, leading to soggy yards and standing water. We can rectify this by installing various drainage units such as catch basins, strip drains, French drains, and terracing. These tools slow the flow of water, collect it, and manage it underground, directing it into public drainage systems. The majority of our drainage systems are unobtrusive, largely invisible to visitors, and have minimal impact on your yard's aesthetics. Controlling water in this manner ensures safe disposal while maintaining yard integrity.

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