Apartment Sewer Line Repair in Seattle, WA

We recently had the opportunity to tackle a challenging project - rerouting the sewer lines for an apartment complex with 96 units. When an emergency sewer line failure caused a major backup, we quickly mobilized on-site to minimize the impact on daily life. By re-routing the sewer lines with new PVC schedule 40 industry standard pipes, we were able to seamlessly divert the sewer to a pump trunk while ensuring no interruption in utility usage. Thanks to our coordination with the city of Seattle, the residents experienced limited discomfort throughout the entire process. In just three weeks, we completed the project smoothly, with minimal disruptions. The residents were delighted with the outcome, and their support during the final inspection process showcased the effectiveness of our solution. If you're looking for a sewer company that specializes in sewer line repair, line replacement cost, trenchless sewer line replacement, and sewer repair, we are here to help you consistently deliver successful outcomes.