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Expert Foundation Excavation Services

We are a leading excavation contractor, with years of experience installing shoring, foundation, and drain excavation in Seattle and the surrounding Pacific Northwest.

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180+ Projects

180+ Projects

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Our Excavation Company Services in Seattle, WA

Excavation & Earthwork Options

We offer a variety of excavation services to resolve any problems in your home.

Foundation Excavation

We specialize in foundation excavating and sewer services. Our team is highly trained and experienced, making us your best choice for your next foundation project.

Site Preparation Contractors

Excavation is often the first step in preparing a construction site. We will help clear vegetation, remove obstacles, and level the ground to create a suitable foundation for the building.

Drainage/Sewer Pump Installation

We provide professional drain excavation services in Seattle, Shoreline & Mercer Island. We are adept at repairing or replacing the lines with care and quickly get the job done. Our experience with drain excavation means you're getting the job done right.

Temporary Shoring Contractor

Shoring is necessary when an unsupported vertical excavation exceeds 4 feet and if the horizontal distance required for sloping the excavation per OSHA regulations exceeds the distance to property boundaries, and existing structures or if the sloped excavation would present access constraints during construction.
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How We Excavate - Commercial and Residential

ACES FOUR, Inc. is a trusted partner for excavating services. We are a full-service excavation company that provides quality work and strives to complete projects efficiently and within cost. We offer long-term relationships with our clients because we value their trust and appreciate their business. Our company is insured for its services and maintains a high level of professionalism, safety, and team effort among our employees.

We are your one-stop shop for excavating and land improvement projects. We offer complete site excavation, land preparation and improvement for all types of projects--from commercial and residential to industrial and agricultural. Our detailed excavation services set the stage for you to confidently build a strong foundation for your construction project. ACES FOUR specializes in excavating work that you can depend on for the life of your project and beyond.

Our streamlined excavation process takes the stress out of your project with these four simple steps

Excavation with Our 4-Step Process


Schedule Your Free Estimate

We strive to understand your needs for excavation projects. Our experts will inspect your property and discuss the details of the job to provide you with an accurate estimate.


Precise Estimate

We provide a detailed and customized estimate based on our assessment and product recommendations if necessary. Once approved, we proceed to schedule the work.


Commence the Project

We ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained before we get to work. Our dedicated project manager streamlines the entire process, keeping you informed at all times.


Quality Control Review

After the project's completion, we conduct a rigorous review process to ensure satisfaction. We address any necessary adjustments or changes, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Soil Research: The Bedrock of Our Excavation Services

Excavation Service in Seattle, WA

When choosing ACES FOUR for your excavation needs, you are availing a multitude of benefits delivered with invaluable industry experience and professionalism. One of our main commitments is to ensure a clean and efficient project. After the designated scope of work is completed, our devoted crew diligently cleans up the area, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity. Each project with us is synonymous with cleanliness and efficiency, an essential characteristic in an industry that undeniably impacts the environment and landscape.

Before the commencement of work, we perform comprehensive soil prep and location research. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we believe in thorough preparation to ensure a smooth excavation process. By doing so, we effectively circumvent significant issues such as groundwater problems, unexpected flooding, and excavation collapse, thereby facilitating the usage of suitable equipment for each project. Ignoring this core aspect of soil research can lead to delays of several weeks, amplifying the importance of our preparedness, especially when city inspectors evaluate the project. Moreover, our professional engagement includes active communication with inspectors and representatives of the development, ensuring that all necessary regulations are adhered to, and upholding the project’s optimal progression. We are also adept in managing right-of-way traffic, attributing to a designated crew for traffic control so your project runs without any obstructions. Understanding soil types is also integral to our operations, thus, we identify and circumvent troublesome soil types such as soft clay, sand, and groundwater areas to avoid unnecessary challenges.

Choosing ACES FOUR ensures not just a service, but a pristine excavation experience built upon years of industry expertise, foresight, and professional integrity.


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